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[watch] How to use our African COVID-19 resurgence dashboard?

December 10, 2021

In this detailed step-by-step tutorial, Africa Data Hub introduces and showcases the features and layout of its Resurgence Dashboard, which shows the increases or decreases of new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Africa by country.

Following great feedback from our 3 minute tutorial on the Resurgence Map (see here), we decided to explain more of this tool’s functionality in this detailed video. The tutorial shows you how to select a country, time frame of interest and drill down deeper into the country-level data by overlaying indicators, downloading images, and watching the changes in COVID-19 cases over time via the scrub timeline play function.

You can follow along by opening up the Resurgence Dashboard on your computer or mobile device.

Video length: 14:15 minutes

Language: English

Time stamps:

Introduction and Overview: 00:08 minutes

Primary Options Bar and selecting a date: 01:34 minutes

Continental Map and Leaderboard: 05:03 minutes

Country-level data: and drop-down menu 09:36 minutes

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