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About the ADH

A reputable and up-to-date source for COVID-19 related data on the African continent.

What we do

The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up an array of data-related challenges. Across the continent, important datasets are either inaccessible to the public, or are difficult to locate, retrieve and analyse. In some cases, the data simply does not exist yet. The Africa Data Hub serves to fill this gap by providing a free one-stop-shop for newsrooms, researchers and the public to access near real-time COVID-19-related data in user-friendly formats.

In so doing, the Africa Data Hub seeks to support and promote quality data-driven journalism and in turn, facilitate evidence-based decision-making about the pandemic across the continent.

About the team

Our project team consists of Open Cities Lab (OCL), a transparency non-profit based in Durban, who are leading this project in cooperation with four other key organizations: the civic tech organization OpenUp in Cape Town, the data visualization company Odipo Dev in Nairobi, the data visualization company Orodata in Nigeria, and the South African data journalists’ group Media Hack Collective. Media Monitoring Africa is the fifth partner who is contributing most significantly to the monitoring and evaluation aspects of the project.

funding & support

This work is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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