[watch] Resurgence Map Tutorial
October 7, 2021
With this informative video tutorial, the Africa Data Hub introduces and showcases some of the functionality of its interactive Resurgence Dashboard.

This dashboard shows the increasing and decreasing rates of new COVID-19 cases across Africa. We teach you how to explore the data by drilling down into country-specific data and to find interesting trends or outliers across the continent by comparing different variables. We trust that this dashboard will help you to understand the COVID-19 situation in more depth than before and to trigger new story ideas for your audiences. 

Video length: 3 minutes

You can also check out our other free dashboards and we’ll be adding new resources in the future! You can sign up to our newsletter on our homepage for the latest data, webinars and news updates. As always, if you have any feedback for us, please reach out to us at info@africadatahub.org

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