Data Collectors: The backbone of the Frontline Program
December 5, 2023
Read the details of the Data Collectors for the Frontline Program

The Data Collectors of the Frontline program (run by Orodata Science and Africa Data Hub) are a group of incredible volunteers that have undertaken a significant challenge. These individuals are based around Nigeria and will be gathering data about the infrastructure of 300 of Nigeria’s Primary Healthcare Centres (PHCs) in six selected states. The Data Collectors were hand-picked and have received extensive training on free mobile tools that they will use during their mammoth task. 

These Data Collectors form the backbone of the Frontline Program because without the data they collect the journalists will have no story to tell. The data gathered will be used in a plethora of stories written to advocate for and improve Nigeria’s healthcare system. Stay tuned for the stories of the journalists! 

But for now, we want to highlight the courageous individuals who have stepped up to kick off this weighty project: 

Data tick

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