How to clean, summarise and analyse data



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Course introduction

As a journalist, you interview a lot of people for your stories; you should interview your data as if you were interviewing a person. In this module you will learn how to view, edit, and organise data in spreadsheets to inform the questions that your journalism output aims to answer.


Tegan Bedser

Tegan Bedser is a project manager for training and editorial projects at Media Hack Collective (MHC).

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How to structure data

In this video you will learn: 1) What is structured data 2) How to hide and insert columns and rows in Google Sheets to analyse data. 3) How to format and verify data in Google Sheets.

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We believe in the power of data to help us to understand the world around us and improve it. And we know that good visualisations are a powerful way to communicate insights.

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