PRESS RELEASE: Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022 Data now available on Africa Data Hub
August 30, 2023
Africa Data Hub (ADH) simplifies data access from Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022, empowering journalists with data-driven stories on critical health aspects. Curated data available via ADH CKAN.

Africa Data Hub is excited to announce a breakthrough for journalists, researchers, and policymakers with our comprehensive data extraction from the latest Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022. This initiative streamlines data analysis and opens doors to data-driven stories, particularly focusing on crucial aspects like maternal care, child nutrition, and infant feeding in Kenya.

The Kenya National Bureau of Statistics conducts an exhaustive survey on health indicators across the nation every decade. While the survey provides invaluable insights for policymakers and the public regarding local residents' health status, the complexity of the 100-page PDF report presents a challenge for journalists and data enthusiasts aiming to independently analyse and interrogate the data.

Africa Data Hub's innovative data extraction process has addressed this challenge head-on. Our team has meticulously scraped and cleaned all data from the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022 making it easily accessible for users to craft data-driven narratives. The data, disaggregated by both age and gender, spans a wide spectrum of themes and encompasses granular county-level information providing a comprehensive view of the nation's health landscape. 

"We understand the power of data-driven storytelling and the hurdles journalists face while sifting through extensive reports. Africa Data Hub's mission is to bridge this gap," says Sarah Findlay, Project Lead for the Africa Data Hub. "Our streamlined data extraction pipeline not only empowers journalists but also serves as a catalyst for impactful reporting, fostering a better understanding of critical issues such as maternal care, child nutrition, and infant feeding."

By offering this data through our platform, we aim to catalyse data-driven journalism. The availability of ready-to-use data sets from the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022 on the Africa Data Hub portal allows journalists to bypass the arduous data extraction process. This, in turn, equips them to delve into the data independently, uncovering insights that can inform and transform their storytelling.

The initiative underscores Africa Data Hub's commitment to promoting data transparency, accessibility, and the power of informed storytelling. For more information and to access the cleaned and structured data from the Kenya Health and Demographic Survey 2022, please visit Africa Data Hub’s Data Portal.

Join us in this transformative journey, as ADH paves the way for a new era of data-driven African journalism and meaningful narratives that impact society.

About Africa Data Hub:

Africa Data Hub is, at its core, a data platform that exists to lower the barriers that African journalists face in trying to access and use data in their storytelling around health and development. By scraping and refining intricate data sets, we empower journalists, researchers, and policymakers to uncover meaningful insights and drive impactful stories that shape communities.

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