The Fundamentals of Data Journalism

Looking to refresh your knowledge or learn the fundamental skills of using data in journalism to increase the impact, diversity and quality of your stories? Watch the free training tutorials in your own time at your own pace.

The course is free for anyone to do at their own pace whenever they have time.

About the course content

You will learn how to make sense of datasets and how to tell stories supported by the data. You’ll also learn how to find, analyse, interpret and visualise data in compelling new ways. The lessons are grouped into five modules:

  1. An introduction to using data
  2. Spreadsheets: How to “interview” data
  3. Spreadsheets: Easy maths
  4. Visualisation: Beginners’ guide to data visualisation
  5. Visualisation: Beginners’ guide to maps

So, whether you are a journalist who is curious about how data can unlock new story angles or looking for a refresher on basic data skills, these training videos are for you!

26 Free video lessons

This week we're featuring one of our lessons on data visualisation: Best Practices.

About the instructors

This course has been developed by Media Hack Collective - experts in data-driven  journalism.

Email if you have any questions.

Modules in this course

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